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At the Market on Saturday!

Winter Squash
Bellevue Farmers MarketOctober 20, 2012

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Texas Joe
Texas Joe Trailer  
Breakfast served from 8AM to10:30AM
BREAKFAST MENU: Eggs featured by The Farm at Holiday Harbor.
Lunch from 10:30 to 1 pm!  Visit Texas Joe at Wednesday's market for dinner!

Texas Joe deliciousness
Chipotle pulled chicken with black bean salsa.

Veggie breakfast
Vegetarian breakfast with ingredients from The Farm at Holiday Harbor and Greensleeves Farm.

Wednesday Market
Wednesday's market hosts a few vendors that cannot join us on Saturday. 
Blue Oven Bakery is at market with their extraordinary wood-fired bread made with local organic ingredients. 
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Pledge Allegiance to Local Food!
Local Food Pledge
Local Food is food produced within the "local foodshed' in the Central Ohio River Valley Watershed within 100 miles of Cincinnati.   
Making a 10% shift in buying or producing local food does not mean all of your food has to be local. It just means shifting what you currently eat to include 10% more locally grown and/or produced food.

If 10% of the regional population takes the pledge it will result in over $49,000,000 infused into the local economy and 544 local jobs!  Plus, it's better for the environment and a healthier option.   

Click here to take the Pledge and learn more about it and Green Umbrella.   

Meet Our "Family"
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Belmont Services - Hedgecock Farm
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The Boone Garden
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Moore's Farm
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Texas Joe

Autumn at the market brings new scents, colors and textures.  We're excited to keep you connected to our local farmers.

You'll find our wonderful farmers in their same location until November 10.  After that, you'll find them on Saturday closer to the store.  Wednesdays we'll continue to provide the market year round inside The Party Source.  

Supporting our local farmers provides you with healthy tasty food, builds relationships, is fun, is a way to learn about what to do with local food, supports our local economy, is environmentally friendly and so much more.  Visit the market and find out more.  

The Farm at Holiday Harbor
Fall Watermelon

The Farm at Holiday Harbor has been blessed with an abundance of squash!  They have cushaw, acorn, butternut and spaghetti squash.  They also have many varieties of sweet and hot peppers.  The sweet potatoes are enormous, beautiful and delicious!  The green beans are still coming on strong and we still have tomatoes also.  How about a watermelon ? Yes, they have delicious Crimson Sweet watermelons.   

Thistlehair Farm
Welcome Back!
Ready are the last of the Tomatoes, (Sad to see them go), Summer Squash, Rhubarb, Red Green Onions, Sweet Bell Peppers, Banana Peppers, Pimento, Swiss Chard, 1/2 Runner Beans & Farm Fresh Pastured Chicken Eggs. Also at the market, they will have Mustard Greens, Turnips, and a selection of Winter Squash including Butternut, Spaghetti, Delicata, Acorn and Kombucha. And of course, they will have a selection of Heirloom Pumpkins and Gourds. It is much smaller collection of pumpkins due to the dry condition this summer but just as pretty and delicious. And as always, there will be something Fresh Baked from the Ovens at Thistlehair. They'll see you Saturday!  

Moore's Farm
Dried Flowers 
Pumpkin arrangements

Moore's Farm will have tomatoes, green beans, kale, all kinds of winter squash, pumpkins, apples, potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, turnips, peppers (sweet and hot) and whatever surprises they find in the fields that jackfrost missed.  To decorate your house or give as gifts....pumpkin centerpieces with fresh cut flowers, or colorful dried flowers.  For the next three weeks, they will bring boxes of dried flowers for those who like to "pick their own" for fall and winter decorations.

Shady Grove Farm
Shady Grove at the end of the day
Shady Grove Farm at the end of the day

Saturday we'll be bring pasture-raised, ASH-free, USDA processed beef and goat meat. If you would like a freezer beef quantity at a 5% discount, please email me and let me know what cuts you prefer. List on request.

From the garden: summer squash (may be the last), anaheim, poblano and cayenne chiles, tomatillos, cherry & paste tomatoes, curly and black mustard greens, rose heart, long scarlet and black radishes. Maybe some basil: chives, rosemary & Bay leaf. 

Check out our farmers market manager, Tony, and the beautiful scenery at Shady Grove Farm while assisting Nancy with goat hoof trimming. 
Nancy's blog provides you with insight into life on the farm, recipes, and much more! 

Greensleeves Farm
Fall Fancies   
Gorgeous garlic
Back at the Bellevue Saturday market, due to popular demand, Greensleeves garlic! In addition, winter and spaghetti squash, sweet and hot peppers, sweet potatoes, the first of the fall kales, and more of that amazing fresh pink ginger! Those few of you that were able to get some last week, tell me how you used it, grated fresh over a stirfry, thin sliced and pickled, or slipped into a martini?
Share your favorite method on the Greensleeves Farm facebook page!

Greensleeves will bring more Jewel strawberry plants--if you "heel" them in (keeping them in the pot, place them into a trench or hole almost as deep as they are, fill back in with the dirt, cover entire plant with several inches of straw or leaves), after uncovering them in the early spring and planting them, you will have your very own organic strawberries to relish in early June!

Ask at the Greensleeves table about CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, to obtain your share of fresh produce every week. By joining, you will have amazing food, a community of new friends at the farm, learn how to grow your own food, and help the farm meet seasonal expenses. Support local!!

Go Green!
Check Out Ann's Green Tip of the Week!
JoGreen Cleaners

This week Ann will be bringing All-Purpose Cleaner, Disinfectant Spray Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Sink and Tile Cleaner, Soft Scrub, Air Freshener, Hand Sanitizer, Linen Mist, Disinfectant Wipes (disposable & reusable), Soy Tarts, Tart Warmers, and Soy Candles (all scented with 100% pure essential oils).  Organic dog treats will also be available.

GREEN TIP OF THE WEEK:  Vinegar in your laundry room
Keep a jug of distilled finger next to your washer.  It helps remove odors, soften, and brighten your clothes.

Our Mother's Garden
Off to a Craft Show
September at Our Mother's Garden Irene will miss you this week while she attends a craft show.  She'll be back with her delightful soaps. 

Bellevue Farmers Market
| at The Party Source | 95 Riviera | Bellevue | KY | 41073

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