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We'll See You Saturday at the Market!

Neltner's yummies
Bellevue Farmers MarketAugust 4, 2012

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Texas Joe
Texas Joe Trailer  
Breakfast served from 8AM to10:30AM
BREAKFAST MENU: Eggs featured by The Farm at Holiday Harbor   
Egg and bacon
Egg and potatoes
Egg and refried beans
Egg and Monterey Jack cheese
Egg and veggies                       


2- Eggs over easy w/ red or green sauce
2-Strips of applewood smoke bacon w/ side of country potatoes

Chipoltle pulled chicken
Picadillo (seasoned ground beef)  
Gato Negro braised brisket  
Texas Joe deliciousness
Chipotle pulled chicken with black bean salsa.

Our Littlest Patron
Charlotte Rae

Last week Charlotte Rae made her debut at the Bellevue Farmers Market. 

Wednesday Market
Wednesday's market hosts a few vendors that cannot join us on Saturday. 
Blue Oven Bakery is at market with their extraordinary wood-fired bread made with local organic ingredients. 
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Local Food Pledge
Local Food is food produced within the "local foodshed' in the Central Ohio River Valley Watershed within 100 miles of Cincinnati.   
Making a 10% shift in buying or producing local food does not mean all of your food has to be local. It just means shifting what you currently eat to include 10% more locally grown and/or produced food.

If 10% of the regional population takes the pledge it will result in over $49,000,000 infused into the local economy and 544 local jobs!  Plus, it's better for the environment and a healthier option.   

Click here to take the Pledge and learn more about it and Green Umbrella.   

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Texas Joe

Summer!  As they say,  "A picture is worth a thousand words."  This fine selection is from Neltner's Farm & Greenhouses.  Here's a few of the things you'll see at the market.

See you at the market!

Neltner's Farm & Greenhouses
Neltner's peaches_tomatoes
Peaches & Tomatoes - Real beauties
It should be a great weekend. The Neltners will have Tomatoes, Peaches, Preserves from Claire's Kitchen, squash, cucumbers, onions, peppers, eggplant, and potatoes.
The rain has been great; helping  give everything a boost. It also helped cool things down, making the work days more bearable. 
The Neltner's are in need of artisans, crafters, vineyards, and demonstrators for their Fall Fest in Oct. For full details: 
Be sure to follow them on facebook for weekly updates and whats happening on the farm.

From farm to art - Keith Neltner rocks.  Check out the Soapbox story.     

Our Mother's Garden

I've been busy making soap.  These cute goatmilk and lavender soaps are ready and waiting for you.  Don't miss out as supply is limited.  Also available are Kid's Animal Soaps made with local goatmilk; also limited supply.  Coming soon are two new dog soaps, Diesel's Dynamo Soap and Bella's Beauty Bar!  Back soon by popular request is Man Bar and Lemon Silk.  Or how about a bar of Citrus or Huckelberry....available this Saturday.    Handcrafted soaps are so much better than any you can buy in the big retail stores.  Stop by and get your free sample!


Greensleeves Farm
Greensleeves Garlic

Boy, are those tomatoes coming on!  Red ones, yellow ones, pink ones, striped ones, big and's time to start canning and drying this bounty so you can enjoy these flavors all winter long.  With the tomatoes, Greensleeves has tomatillos, garlic, onions, fresh basil and oregano for making the best sauce or salsa ever.  They will also have lots of cucumbers, fresh-picked kales, some okra and the first of the Yukon Gold potatoes. 
There is still time to sign up for the Fall CSA, running from 10/6 to 12/22.  Keep your supply of fresh greens coming, along with storage squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and garlic.  Get more information from Gretchen at the Saturday market.

The Farm at Holiday Harbor
Picture perfect! 
Alex and Biff

This Saturday The Farm at Holiday Harbor will have Silver Queen Corn.  Yum!  The tomatoes are coming on strong including Early Girl, Early Doll, Early Goliath, Celebrity, Golden Jubilee and Heirloom; cherry tomatoes include Chocolate, Black, Red, Coyote and Sun Sugar.  Potatoes include Purple Majesty, Yukon Gold, Russian Banana Fingerlings and Mountain Rose.  How about some squash? Patty pan, summer squash, green and yellow zucchini and pool ball zucchini.  They will also have an assortment of colorful bell peppers, Golden Treasure, purple and yellow cayenne and hot and sweet banana peppers.  Also available will be onions, garlic, cucumbers and farm fresh eggs.   

Everyone on the farm is sad to say that this will be Alex's last day at the market.  She has spent her summer break working on the farm, but is leaving Sunday to go back to Morehead State University before fall classes start.  They'll miss Alex especially little Biff the Ausie.  What will she do without her Alex.

Shady Grove Farm
Shady Grover in April
Springtime at Shady Grove Farm.
Nancy's apologies to her many faithful newsletter subscribers: the Address Book is still not recovered from the crash, and may not be. To keep receiving SGF's newsletter, please email Nancy thanks you for the years of support and encouragement. 

This Saturday Nancy will bring the last few Summer Squash from the first planting (almost wiped out by heat and insects), the first Green Beans (limited), lots of leafy sweet Lambsquarters (and recipes), scallions, chives, rosemary, red shiso, and container Basil and Chile plants.
Announcement: Shady Grove Farm is now on Facebook! (It's the one at Corinth, Kentucky. That old Stanley Brothers number was quite a hit!)

Check out our farmers market manager, Tony, and the beautiful scenery at Shady Grove Farm while assisting Nancy with goat hoof trimming. 

Get your tip of the week!
JoGreen Products
Because Eucalyptus kills dustmites this week I will be bringing a new Eucalyptus-Spearmint Linen Mist as well as All Purpose cleaner, Disinfectant Spray cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Sink & Tile Cleaner, Soft Scrub, Air Fresheners, Hand Sanitizers, soy tarts scented with 100% pure essential oil, tart warmers (made by Bethany), Finishing Cloths, and Organic Dog Treats.

GREEN TIP OF THE WEEK:  Switch to an All-Natural Dishwater Detergent
Your dishwasher detergent probably contains petroleum-based products or chlorine.
Petroleum, made from the same crude oil used to manufacture gasoline, is a know carcinogen, and chlorine is hazardous to breathe or touch and can actually penetrate the skin and is also hazardous in the environment.  Opt for vegetable-based dishwasher detergent.

All bottles & containers are made in the USA!

Eggplant comes to us via India.  This nightshade is closely related to the potato and tomato. 
Most of us consider it a vegetable, but it's actually a fruit - a berry to be more specific. 

The popularly used name, eggplant, comes from ear;y 18th century English cultivars that were yellow or white resembling goose eggs.  Today, we relate more to the purple, which the French call both aubergine. 
Raw eggplant is quite bitter just as it's relative tobacco is.  Most recipes start with the cutting, salting, sweating and rinsing of the flesh.  Eggplant will absorb oil and sauces, but will absorb less when salted. 

One of the easiest and versatile things to do is roast the eggplant until the skin is charred and then scoop out the pulp and blend it with other ingredients such as for baba ghanoush by blending lemon, tahini and garlic or with onions and tomatoes. try adding flavors like cumin or parsley and use the tomato/eggplant puree on top of fish or pasta.   It's also great in ratatouille like in last week's recipe.  Try an eggplant Parmesan or lasagna.  Roast or grill eggplant with your favorite herbs and vegetables.  Oven roast or grill eggplant slices and add them to sandwiches, paninis, and salads.  Slice the eggplants lengthwise and roast the slices to use for roll ups and fill with your favorite Middle Eastern ingredients.  Enjoy the flavors of Turkey and make lamb and eggplant kabobs.  Other great flavors with eggplant to experiment with are goat cheese, ginger or tahini.  Experiment!  You won't be sorry. 

Ohio Valley Greenmarket 

Looking for something to do August 3 - 5 (that's in addition to shopping the Bellevue Farmers Market on August 4)?
Consider attending the Ohio Valley Greenmarket 2012 -A Celebration of Community and Sustainability. 
Friday night highlights are a pig roast in Winton Woods and Paul Willis, the innovative founder of Niman Ranch - a group of 700 sustainable family farms in the midwest, speaking about the demand for sustainable agriculture. 
Saturday there's a lunch and hands-on workshop at Gorman Heritage Farm with Debra Prinzing.   
Sunday you'll have the opportunity to meet the Greenmarket community and learn how local businesses are making a sustainable difference.  

Bellevue Farmers Market | at The Party Source | 95 Riviera | Bellevue | KY | 41073

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