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Fresh from the Farm

Celebrate the holiday weekend with farm fresh items and crafts from the Bellevue Farmers Market.  It seems appropriate to buy local at the market in tribute to the holiday that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. (more below)...

Sweet peppers
Bellevue Farmers MarketJuly 7, 2012

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Wednesdays: 3:30 - 7:30 pm
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Bellevue, KY
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Cooking Demo
Beer Tasting
Texas Joe's
Wednesday market
Out of the Woods
Take the Local Food Pledge
Shady Grove Farm
Greensleeves Farm
Moore's Farm
The Farm at Holiday Harbor
Our Mother's Garden
Atwood Village Family Farm
Turner Farm
Neltner's Farm
Thistlehair Farm
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Cooking Demonstration
On the Grill
From last Saturday's cooking demo. The "Sputnik" is roasting garlic with herbs.
Matthew Buschle from Virgil's Cafe returns to share some ideas for simple summer outdoor cooking featuring goat meat from Shady Acres Farm along with veggies and other ingredients from the market.   

You'll get to watch while Matt is prepping and cooking.  Ask questions, offer ideas, and taste the delicious concoctions for a market donation of $2.

Beer Tasting
Danny Gold from The Party Source will be hosting a beer tasting of a selection of "local" beers.  Proceeds will be donated to the Bellevue Farmers Market.                                                            

Texas Joe
Texas Joe Truck 
served from 8 to 10:30 am  

Tacos featuring eggs from the Farm at Holiday Harbor. Egg and bacon, egg and potato, egg and bean, and egg and veggies

served from 10:30 am to 1 pm

Tacos, Tortas & quesadillas with chipotle pulled chicken or picadillo (seasoned ground beef) and sautéed veggies with red or green fresh-made hot sauce.

Refresh with iced cold Coke or bottled water.

Texas Joe's food is as good as it looks. Check out the picture below of their chipotle pulled chicken with black bean salsa.

Chipotle chicken

Wednesday Market
Wednesday's market hosts a few vendors that cannot join us on Saturday. 
Blue Oven Bakery is at market with their extraordinary wood-fired bread made with local organic ingredients. 

Out of the Woods
Cutting Board by Tom Dietrich

Stop by the booth and meet Tom Dietrich the craftsman behind Out of the Woods.  See his fine selection of cutting boards, salt cellars, lazy Susans, candle sticks and other items for your kitchen and home. 
Quick Links

Pledge Allegiance to Local Food!
Local Food Pledge
Local Food is food produced within the "local foodshed' in the Central Ohio River Valley Watershed within 100 miles of Cincinnati.   
Making a 10% shift in buying or producing local food does not mean all of your food has to be local. It just means shifting what you currently eat to include 10% more locally grown and/or produced food.

If 10% of the regional population takes the pledge it will result in over $49,000,000 infused into the local economy and 544 local jobs!  Plus, it's better for the environment and a healthier option.   

Click here to take the Pledge and learn more about it and Green Umbrella.   


Celebrate the holiday weekend with farm fresh items and crafts from the Bellevue Farmers Market.  It seems appropriate to buy local at the market in tribute to the holiday that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.    You'll be happy you did and our farmers and vendors will appreciate it.

Please remember buying from locally independent businesses and farmers reinvests in the market at a much higher level than the food that travels an average of 1,600 miles to make it to the grocery store. 

Have a great holiday weekend! 

Shady Grove Farm
A side of meat with those veggies.
Cherry Tomato Tart
Those cherry tomatoes are really taking off, and the early Sungolds are being helped along by Sweet 100's (red) and Lemon Drops (pale yellow). A few saladette and San Marzano, some hot green chiles, lots of tomatilloes, lambsquarters, pesto-ready sweet basil (end clusters, leaves and tender stems only, as always, picked Saturday AM "while you slept.") and other fresh cut herbs.

Reminder: Hollow Rock Farm pasture-raised, ASH-free USDA-processed beef, starting September 22!

Garden news at

Greensleeves Farm
Free-range eggs if you arrive early! 
Greensleeves end of June

Greensleeves Farm will offer, of course, tomatoes and garlic, peppers both sweet and hot, okra both green and red, potatoes both large and small, and how about roasting baby turnips with the REALLY small potatoes (!), tomatillos, eggplant, cukes, rebel peaches (from the rootstock, not the graft), and more.  Just a few dozen eggs will be available so come early.

Moore's Farm

Vegetables, Fruit, and Flowers

A Perfect Combination for Your Holiday Table

Fuzzy sunflowers This week you'll find a selection of vegetables including: tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, squash, okra, and green onions.  And, it's apple season! 

Flower tables will be bursting with many colorful varieties for making your special bouquet - large or small - for your Labor Day Festivities.  It's a simple way to brighten your day or someone special's day.

Interested in taking an adventure into the world of drying flowers for winter bouquets?  Several of their flowers dry easily and keep excellent color.

The Farm at Holiday Harbor
Delicious Options and They're Pretty, Too
Peppers at Holiday Harbor They've had another busy week at the Farm.  They  now have a variety of delicious sugar melons.  They smell so wonderful with a taste to match!  Get yours before they are gone.  A variety of sweet peppers and hot peppers will be available along with eggplant, squashes, zucchini, beans, tomatoes, silver queen corn, potatoes, garlic, okra and more.  Jesse hopes to see you this Saturday at the market.


Our Mother's Garden
Win a Free Bar of Soap - See Below 
Irene is enjoying these cool mornings on her covered deck, watching the hummingbirds and sipping on a cup of coffee while "playing" with her succulents.  The succulent garden shown is an example of what yours can become.  It is so much fun to watch them grow.  They pretty much thrive with very little care. Many new succulent gardens will be available this Saturday at the market.   And, don't forget your bar of soap, or maybe a lip balm.  Believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about Christmas gifts.  Stop by Our Mother's Garden for a great selection of gifts.  

P.S.  A free bar of soap goes to the first two people (not in the same family) who mention they read the Bellevue Farmers' Market newsletter.  Good luck!  

Eco-friendly cleaning products
JoGreen Cleaners

Many commercial air fresheners release toxins into the air every time you spray.  Most are made with chemicals like benezenes, phthalates, and formaldehyde.

Opt for the natural alternatives like burning soy candles or tarts, buying a bouquet of fresh flowers, or hanging dried lavender or eucalyptus throughout your home.

By being responsible consumers and  knowing what's in the products we use, we can protect those around us, and realize that the choices we make do have a lasting impact on our planet.  
This week Ann will have more of the reusable moist wipes, all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant spray cleaner, glass cleaner, sink & tile cleaner, soft scrub, air fresheners, hand sanitizers, linen mist, soy tarts, tarts warmers (made by Bethany), all sented with 100% pure essential oil, and organic dog treats.


Atwood Village Family Farm
Any bakes

Turner Farm
Saturday's harvest and preparing for fall

Check out their gorgeous selection of organic produce!

At Turner's

Neltner's Farm & Greenhouses
Summers Bounty is Bountiful!  

Reds and Yellows

Thistlehair Farm
Loaded with summertime favorites!
Beauties from Thistlehair   

Bellevue Farmers Market
| at The Party Source | 95 Riviera | Bellevue | KY | 41073

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