Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Shop Bellevue this Friday!

Embrace winter and warm up to great savings and fun!  
How?  Bundle up and slip slide into Bellevue.  (more below)

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Upcoming Events
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Shop Bellevue!

Upcoming Events

Shop Bellevue!
Slip Sliding into Bellevue
Friday, January 4
beginning at 6 pm

Shop Bellevue!
Fall in Love 
Friday, February 1 
beginning at 6 pm 

Travel Options
Sure, you can hop in your car to get to Fairfield Avenue, but you may also want to consider walking, riding your bicycle or taking a TANK bus or the Southbank Shuttle.
It's hip, it's green, and you're bound to meet great people along the way. 

Bellevue's independently-owned shops and galleries, fine eateries and bars hope you will share this monthly e-newsletter with your friends and family. You will find a link below to make it easy.  Thanks!

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Bellevue Renaissance

Bellevue Renaissance mission is to enrich lives by providing a unique experience in the historic Fairfield Avenue business district.

 Fairfield Avenue: Where People & Creativity Mix


Proud member of:
 Kentucky Main Street
City of Bellevue

616 Poplar Street
Bellevue, KY 41073

I t ' s   F i r s t   F r i d a y ! 

H a p p y  N e w  Y e a r   2 0 1 3

Slip Slidin'_13

S h o p   B e l l e v u e !  
Slip Sliding Into Bellevue 
F r i d a y ,   J a n u a r y  4        
Beginning at 6 pm   
Embrace winter and warm up to great savings and fun!  How?  Bundle up and slip slide into Bellevue.    

205     Sigra Gallery
Sigra Gallery will be closed January & February--reopening on March 1.  
224     Bridal 911   
305     Home Style                             
307     The Cozy Cottage          
Sample our sweet and saucy chocolate sauce--so good it's sinful. 20% off all remaining Christmas. 
309      RSVP Services
310     Avenue Brew       
Enjoy a homemade meatloaf dinner, complete with mashed potatoes and green beans. 
Shop our after-Christmas sale.  
313     Bellevue Bistro
318     Bella on the Avenue   
Join us for our after Christmas sale:  25% off all jackets and Christmas ornaments!
We're open until 7 pm on Fridays.   
321     Little Moments           
334     Past & Presents            
336     Purple Monkey                     
341     The Bellevue Beadery     
343     Pasquale's 
339     Mrs. Teapots Tea Room                                       
401     Fabulous Finds for Less  
Slide into Fabulous Finds For Less and receive 10% OFF your total purchase and also receive a 10% OFF voucher to use from January 5th thru January 31st. Remember VIP's, you receive 20% OFF your total purchase during Shop Bellevue! from 6 to 9pm.
404     Interior Visions     

Celebrate the New Year with 50% savings on all remaining Christmas decor!
405     Healing Therapy 
406     Twice as Nice Antiques and More      
411     Twisted Sisters Cafe        
The Sisters will be on vacation this Shop Bellevue!  We will begin anew in February!  Thank you and Happy New Year! 
420     Schneider's Sweet Shop         
We will be open until 8pm on Friday Jan 4.  We will be closed for maintenance and cleanup from Sat. Jan. 5 - Sunday Jan 20.  We will reopen on Monday January 21 at 10am.  Happy New Year to all our families and friends!
421     Thyme Square        
511     Siam Orchid  
Happy New Year to everyone! Try our new dish: Pad Ga Praw topped with egg in Thai style spicy with Thai chill pepper.  It will warm you up. 
519     The Elusive Cow                            
601     Mackey Advisors                  
605     Crone Cottage    
605     Oasis for Healing
708     Doggynauts

Crates and Cages and Pet Gates 25% off. Most standard sizes in stock
712     Virgil's Cafe  
Stop in for a bite or a cocktail.  


Banner artwork by Tyler Hildebrand of Hilde's Gallery.
Shop Bellevue! poster design by Mark Kerley of Lucky Rabbit Studio.
FBellevue Renaissance | 616 Poplar Street | Bellevue | KY | 41073

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