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Summer's Bounty at the Market

Can you think of anything better than vine ripened fruit and vegetables during the peak of summer?  Eat them straight from the Bellevue Farmers Market or highlight their deliciousness in your favorite summertime recipe... (more below)
Roena Bouquet
Bellevue Farmers MarketJuly 28, 2012

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Veggie Paella Cooking Demonstration
The making of paella!
The making of seafood paella at Virgil's Cafe.
Matthew Buschle from Virgil's Cafe returns to our Saturday market to share with you a vegetable version of paella.  Learning about traditional paellas with seafood, chorizo, meat and vegetables is only a question away.  You'll love this traditional Valencian dish that can be made over a fire or in your kitchen.   

You'll get to watch while Matt is prepping and cooking.  Ask questions, offer ideas, and taste the delicious concoctions for a market donation of $2.

About Paella:  This delicious meal is actually named after the pan it's traditionally made in.  Originating in Moorish Spain were celebrating with rice based casseroles since the 15th century.  4 centuries later the Valencians developed it into version more familiar with what we eat today.  This editor loves the crispy toasted rice, called socarratt, at the bottom of the pan.  

Check out last week's demo - making pizza on the grill.  Watch Video 

Ohio Valley Greenmarket 
Looking for something to do August 3 - 5 (that's in addition to shopping the Bellevue Farmers Market on August 4)?
Consider attending the Ohio Valley Greenmarket 2012 -A Celebration of Community and Sustainability. 

Friday night highlights are a pig roast in Winton Woods and Paul Willis, the innovative founder of Niman Ranch - a group of 700 sustainable family farms in the midwest, speaking about the demand for sustainable agriculture. 

Saturday there's a lunch and hands-on workshop at Gorman Heritage Farm with Debra Prinzing.   

Sunday you'll have the opportunity to meet the Greenmarket community and learn how local businesses are making a sustainable difference.  

For more information and tickets:  click here 


Texas Joe
Texas Joe Truck 
Serving breakfast from 8 to 10:30 am 
Tacos featuring eggs from the Farm at Holiday Harbor. Egg and bacon, egg and potato, egg and bean, and egg and veggies.  Lunch is from 10:30 to 1 pm.  Take your pick from Tacos, Tortas  and Quesadillas with meat, chicken or you can always get a vegetarian or vegan version.    
Refresh with iced cold Coke or bottled water.

Chipotle chicken
Chipotle pulled chicken with black bean salsa.

Wednesday Market
Wednesday's market hosts a few vendors that cannot join us on Saturday. 
Blue Oven Bakery is at market with their extraordinary wood-fired bread made with local organic ingredients. 
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Pledge Allegiance to Local Food!
Local Food Pledge
Local Food is food produced within the "local foodshed' in the Central Ohio River Valley Watershed within 100 miles of Cincinnati.   
Making a 10% shift in buying or producing local food does not mean all of your food has to be local. It just means shifting what you currently eat to include 10% more locally grown and/or produced food.

If 10% of the regional population takes the pledge it will result in over $49,000,000 infused into the local economy and 544 local jobs!  Plus, it's better for the environment and a healthier option.   

Click here to take the Pledge and learn more about it and Green Umbrella.   

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Texas Joe

Can you think of anything better than vine ripened fruit and vegetables during the peak of summer?  Eat them straight from the Bellevue Farmers Market or highlight their deliciousness in your favorite summertime recipe.  Sheer perfection!  Please share your favorite preparation with our Bellevue Farmers Market community by posting recipes and ideas to our Facebook page.  We'd love to hear about it at the market, too.  Sharing with the farmers, customers and market staff is half the fun!

See you at the market!

Moore's Farm
Scattered Showers  
Roena and Tony Bouquet
Roena made a bouquet for a Tony Bove made vase

Moore's Farm will have tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, potatoes, onions, carrots, peppers, blackberries, hopefully some corn, cut flowers, and herb plants.

When the editor asked them about the rain here's their response. "Did the rain help?  What rain?  We have received no rain, except for a very small amount on 7/15, and that was the first since sometime in May.  We are grateful for what has not died yet since we have no way to irrigate.  Our soil is heavy and holds water a long time.  In seasons with enough rain that is a problem, but it saves some crops when there is no rain.

"Most farmers who still have produce are irrigating in some way, whether it be from ponds, lakes, or city water.  It is critical for customers to understand the extreme monetary and time cost of raising vegetables in this manner.

"That being said, the faith of a farmer requires us to look ahead to better times and be thankful for what we have been given.  In faith, Charles planted six more rows of beans this week when several acres of pumpkins planted over three weeks ago have not come up yet.  They usually take a week to come up.  The beautiful flowers still alive in the field, although very short, can be creatively used in short bouquets to adorn our tables and raise our spirits.  We still have far more than most of the rest of the world. "    

This weeks e-newsletter is a beautiful bouquet created by Roena.  Buy one for yourself or for a gift!  

Our Mother's Garden
 Fresh new look     

Our Mother's Garden has a new look!  Stop by and see Irene and the new look and merchandise.  She's been busy working on new succelent gardens that will be available at Saturday's market.  Check out the new guest soaps - they're cute little soaps smell great and are made with local goat milk and honey.  Put these in your guest bath and you are sure to get nice compliments.   Get your beautiful handcrafted lavender sachets filled with organic lavender and lavender essential oil.  Put these in a drawer or closet, or use as a Dream Pillow tucked under your pillow case.  Limited quantities are available.  Plenty of soaps, lip balms and lavender soaking salts are also available.  


Greensleeves Farm
We'll miss them at the market while they open their farm on the tour 
Greensleeves end of June

It's salsa time! Greensleeves will have tomatillos, tomatoes, garlic and onions at the Saturday Bellevue Market for your salsa/sauce making. Shop us and our neighbors for all you need to make a fresh batch of ratatouille.  Or make pesto with our basil bunches and garlic. Thai basil for your stir fries, lemon basil for herbal teas, Greensleeves has it , as well as crunchy Suhyo Asian cucumbers, pickling cukes, summer squash, and Eat More Kale! to get the benefits of this dark green leaf.

There are a few more Hawaiian ginger starts available, plant now for a fall harvest.

Ask Gretchen about the trip the CSA took to Blue Rock Station, where Annie and Jay Warmke showed their many sustainable building projects and shared their philosophy of community.

Since we think it's still a bit too hot to warm up our kitchen we head outside the grill for this version similar to what Matt from Virgil's prepared during one of his demos. Similar, because making this dish doesn't have to be a science. 
Olive oil
1 eggplant, cut into 1/2"-thick rounds
1 zucchini, cut quartered lengthwise
1 onion, cut into 1/2"-thick rounds
1 bell pepper, cut lengthwise into 6 strips
1 head of garlic, top trimmed to expose top of cloves,  covered in 1 olive oil and wrapped in foil
1 tablespoon basil, sliced thinly
Vinegar, for sprinkling, use the variety you have on hand

Fire up the grill to medium/hot.  
Coat veggies in olive oil.
Place on grill - note the garlic will take the longest, followed by the peppers and onion, and then the eggplant and zucchini will cook the fastest.  Grill until colored and softened.
Remove from grill and coarsely chop all the veggies and garlic. 
Add the basil.
Add olive oil, sprinkle of vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste.
This is delicious over pasta, on toasted bread, over fish or chicken.  You can even try it as a salad with feta cheese sprinkled on top.  It's delicious hot or cold. 
On the Grill

The Farm at Holiday Harbor
Picture perfect! 
It's time to think summer salads, soups, and salsas!
The Farm at Holiday Harbor will have a bountiful harvest of tomatoes including Early Girl, Early Doll, Early Goliath, Celebrity, Golden Jubilee and Heirloom; cherry tomatoes include Chocolate, Black, Red, Coyote and Sun Sugar.  Potatoes include Purple Majesty, Yukon Gold, Russian Banana Fingerlings and Mountain Rose.  Squash are coming on strong and include Patty Pan, summer squash, green and yellow zucchini and pool ball zucchini.  They will also have an assortment of colorful bell peppers, Golden Treasure, purple and yellow cayenne and hot and sweet banana peppers.  Also available are onions, garlic, cucumber and a few fresh eggs.

Shady Grove Farm
Goat Meat and More   
Rainy Sunday at Shady Grove
Thankful for the stormy skies and bit of rain last Sunday at Shady Grove Farm.
Nancy will be at Market Saturday with summer squash, lambsquarters, Asian greens, garlic, pastured goat meat, and more container basil and chile plants.  
For all her e-newsletter subscribers she hopes to resume the newsletter next week following some computer repair.

Check out our farmers market manager, Tony, and the beautiful scenery at Shady Grove Farm while assisting Nancy with goat hoof trimming. 

Get your tip of the week!
JoGreen Products
If you like scenting your home, realize that most commercial air fresheners are consider toxic waste.  Essential oils and soy tarts and candles are a greener way to freshen your space. 
Using lavender will also help disinfect, as it has antibacterial and anti-pest qualities.  Peppermint and clove are also natural pest deterrents.  Of course it is important to make sure no one in your family is allergic to any essential oils.  Natural is safer, but not all natural methods are always safe for everyone.
This week Ann will be bringing Lavender and Peppermint Air Fresheners, Spray Hand Sanitizer, Linen Mist, Soy Tarts, Tart Warmers (made by Bethany Rose Ceramics), All-Purpose Cleaner, Disinfectant Spray Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Sink & Tile Cleaner, Soft Scrub, and Finishing Cloths.

In order to take care of our pets, I will also have a new batch of Organic Dog Treats.


     You can improve your indoor air quality with a few new houseplants.  They absorb carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen into the air.  Houseplants help suppress airborne mold spores and bacteria and remove noxious odors from chemical household cleaners.  English Ivy, bamboo, and spider plants are some of  the most effective for improving indoor air quality.

All bottles & containers are made in the USA!

Atwood Village Family Farm
Okra and Eggplants
Carabella Coffee - delish!

From the garden: You'll find all sorts of great things at the market this week.   3 varieties of okra are producing really well thanks to 3 days of rain last week.  Eggplants are loving their own little world in their pots on the back side of the house away from the garden.  Kale and chard are continuing to come in.  Sunflowers and other flowers-proving drought resistance!  Fresh cut herbs-tarragon, thyme, mint, catnip, oregano & rosemary.  Basil and lots of it.  They're trimming the basil plants and will have fresh picked leaves sold in amounts to make your pesto blending a breeze!  Speaking of pesto, Atwood's favorite recipe is below. 

From the kitchen and beyond: Enjoy multigrain ciabattas, lemon balm sour cream cakes, blackberry jam cakes, and English muffin loaves.  Amy hopes you've enjoyed the lemon balm baklava!  It is VERY labor intensive so she may not have time to get some made before Saturday but she will try!  Carabello Coffee-whole bean 12 oz bags and cold brewed iced by the cup! 

3 c packed basil leaves (about 7 oz)
3/4 c Parmesan cheese
1/2 c melted butter
1/2 c walnuts or pine nuts (lightly toasted is wonderful but not necessary!)
1/2 c olive oil
3 cloves garlic
salt & pepper to taste
Place all in food processor and blend until smooth
Stores in airtight container for weeks and freezes well for 6-8 months (Make cubes in an ice cube tray for easy use of frozen pesto - all you need to do is defrost the amount you need!

Pesto is versatile.  Try it tossed with pasta, as a pizza topping, mixed in with soups, spread on bread or as a sandwich spread, as a marinade,

Check out our Atwood Village Family Farm facebook page
to see which of their vegetables, flowers and herbs received ribbons!

Bellevue Farmers Market | at The Party Source | 95 Riviera | Bellevue | KY | 41073

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