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City-Wide Yard Sale This Saturday!

The Bellevue KY city-wide yard sale will begin on June 16th. at 8 am.  Visit the Shop Bellevue website to download a pdf list of participating locations.

Bellevue RenaissanceMid-June 2012
Tyler HIldenbrand mural

City-Wide Yard Sale
Saturday, June 16 beginning at 8 am
City-wide yard sale map_12

Explore our shops and eateries while you're in town!   
Fairfield Avenue     

Street #
223Fairfield Ave
Veterans Security300Fairfield Ave
Bella on the Avenue
318Fairfield Ave
Little Moments
321Fairfield Ave
Groneck PhotoGraphix
402Fairfield Ave
Interior Visions
404Fairfield Ave
Twice As Nice Antiques & More
406Fairfield Ave
Thyme Square
421Fairfield Ave
Crone Cottage
605Fairfield Ave
615Fairfield Ave
Vintage @ 707
707Fairfield Ave
Fusion Gallery
305Fairfield Ave front & rear
Field of Vue
334Fairfield Ave rear Zen Garden

Around Town  

127Anspaugh Ave
226Berry Ave
238Berry Ave
253Berry Ave
300Berry Ave
910Berry Ave
912Berry Ave
19Bonnie Leslie   
20Bonnie Leslie   
32Bonnie Leslie   
117Bonnie Leslie   
228Center St
314Center St
406Clark St
448Clark St
449Clark St
317Covert Run
322Covert Run
719Covert Run
729Covert Run
745Covert Run
216Division St
218Division St
224Division St
340Division St
208Eden Ave
333Eden Ave
712Fairfield Ave.
228Foote Ave
233Foote Ave
236Foote Ave
250Foote Ave
258Foote Ave
402Foote Ave Loyal Café
479Foote Ave
97Geiger Ave
117Glazier Ave
225Glazier Ave
306Lafayette Ave
322Lafayette Ave
404Lafayette Ave
439Lafayette Ave
879Lafayette Ave
144Lake St
147Lake St.
1030Lincoln Rd
242O'Fallon Ave
250O'Fallon Ave
213Patchen Ave
223Poplar St
225Poplar St
229Poplar St
216Prospect St
306Prospect St
315Prospect St
221Retreat St
325Retreat St
110Ross Ave
247Taylor Ave
329Taylor Ave
331Taylor Ave
601Taylor Ave
807Taylor Ave
166Van Voast Ave
232Van Voast Ave
234Van Voast Ave
243Van Voast Ave
250Van Voast Ave
307Van Voast Ave
348Van Voast Ave
515Van Voast Ave
327Walnut St
242Walnut St Apt. 2 rear
101Ward Ave
123Ward Ave
159Ward Ave
223Ward Ave
227Ward Ave
228Ward Ave
271Ward Ave
415Ward Ave
420Ward Ave
512Ward Ave
447Ward Ave
449Ward Ave
110Washington Ave
121Washington Ave
212Washington Ave
224Washington Ave
300Washington Ave
319Washington Ave
330Washington Ave yard
349Washington Ave
403Washington Ave
417Washington Ave
1205Wilson Rd

As you make your way through beautiful Bellevue you'll discover more sales than we have on our map.  We've done our best to collect addresses, but we know we always
might miss a few. 
In This Issue
City-Wide Yard Sale
Upcoming Events
On the Avenue

Upcoming Events

Third Saturday Celebration
City-Wide Yard Sale
Saturday, June 16
beginning at 8 am

Celebrate Your Independents
Shop Bellevue!
Friday, July 6
beginning at 6 pm

It's not only fun to shop and dine with local independent businesses where you receive personal service and an eclectic mix of offerings, you also help strengthen our local community and economy. 

Look for the next Bellevue Renaissance email for more details on our upcoming Shop Bellevue!

2nd Saturday Concert in the Bellevue Beach Park
Saturday, July 14
Hot Wax   7 to 10 pm
Fireworks  beginning at 10 pm
Quick Links

On the Avenue
205     Sigra Gallery         
223      Pretty's   
223      Amanda Greenwell Photography  -  2nd floor      
224     Bridal 911    
301     Ball Embroidery & Gifts      
305     Fusion Gallery   
307     The Cozy Cottage      

309     RSVP Services
309    Lila Elliot Design 
310     Avenue Brew     
312     Splendid Things 
313     Bellevue Bistro 
321     Little Moments          
334     Past & Presents        
334     Field of Vue Artworks  (rear Zen garden)
336     Purple Monkey     
339     Mrs. Teapots Tea Room  
341     The Bellevue Beadery    
343     Pasquale's 
400     Circa  COMING SOON 
401     Fabulous Finds for Less      
402     Groneck Photographix 
404     Interior Visions 
406     Twice as Nice Antiques and More   
411     Twisted Sisters Cafe      
411     The Trendy Gardener         
413     Belle Bridal Boutique    
420     Schneider's Sweet Shop 
421     Thyme Square       
501     501 Salon & Spa         
511      Siam Orchid     
605      Crone Cottage  
and Your Stamping Cottage       
705      Bellevue Violins    
707      Vintage @ 707     
710      Virgil's Cafe   

Renaissance Logo

Bellevue Renaissance | 616 Poplar Street | Bellevue | KY | 41073

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